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Welcome to the world of fine silver and gemstones!

This site has two parts: Fine Art Jewelry shop and Reading Room.

My shop is called LITTLE TREASURE CHEST as the place where one keeps her most cherished possessions. Those include memories, sounds and faint scents from the past.

They are fleeting and may easily escape and leave us forever. So I enclose those precious memories in the beautiful and mysterious jewelry pieces and lock them with magic-filled gemstones.

My goal is to infuse emotion and meaning in each jewelry set.

If you need something to cheer yourself up, browse Inspirational Jewelry or Lucky Symbols Collections. Looking for a gift for someone special? Tired of mass production jewelry? - You are always a dear guest at my Fantasy Jewelry Collection. 
My ZodiacRunic and Kabbalah Talismans Jewelry collections will provide you with different sacred symbols and their combinations for healing, happiness, love, well-being etc.

I am especially proud to invite you to explore my King Solomon Seals collection which includes all 44 amulets, with texts and symbols as described in authoritative sources. This is the only full collection available where all 44 Seals are offered hand-crafted in pure silver.

I am happy to invite you to visit my newly launched website www.PowerTalismans.com From now on all the new jewelry designs will be added to the new website.
Recently I created a complete collection of "seventy-two names of G-d" talismans. It consists of 72 dog- tag shaped pendants, inscribed with one of 72 angelic names. They carry an extraordinary power! Each of these can serve as a conduit channeling the power of Light into our material world, but also into our spiritual and emotional state - each in its own way. See it as a source of light and positive energy which can flood, illuminate and purge the negativity and darkness from any aspect of your inner being.
Additionally, each talisman will have an antique style drawing of a pomegranate tree. King Solomon is said to have designed his crown based on the "crown" of the pomegranate. In Judaism the pomegranate represents fruitfulness, knowledge, learning, and wisdom. In Christianity it is a symbol of resurrection and everlasting life.
Each of the talismans hangs on a stainless steel ball chain (the trend of the year!). The description will tell you what psalm you need to read to invocate your talisman.

Now back to Jewels-Empire.com. The second part of this web site is called JEWELS EMPIRE READING ROOM.

There is a multitude of web sites offering information about gems for all tastes, sometimes quite contradictory. This site is neither a buyer's guide nor an encyclopaedia of gems. It is simply an attempt to understand - why gems are so bewitching? Is it because they are so beautiful? Or because they do possess magical properties? Why we can contemplate them for hours? Read more here...

Enjoy your visit!

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