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Element Air

This is a mineral of intense dark blue color, a close relative of MalachAzuriteite. Its name is derived from Arabic word "azul", meaning "blue". In old ages Azurite was used to produce a dark blue paint. In Ancient Egypt Azurite was considered a magic stone, that served to increase spiritual powers.
Azurite is a gem that expands the limits of the conscious realm. It promotes a healthy re-evaluation of one's life and helps to uncover the hidden abilities and talents.
If you are going through a difficult stretch in your life  - a time full of anxiety and wasteful decisions - try to wear a jewelry piece with Azurite, as it will calm and streamline your thoughts. It will help you to bring your true aspirations back into the consciousness, making you are again of your real values and desires.

Talismans & amulets

As a talisman, Azurite is particularly recommended for lawyers, judges, art critics and publicists - all involved in the public activities where honesty and self-awareness is a must.

Healing properties

Azurite helps to treat hypertension; it shortens accretion time of fractured bones, assists against melancholy, hallucinations, hysteria, epilepsy and other abnormalities of the central nervous system. Azurite "purifies" blood and bile, helps with eyes diseases of eyes and infectious skin diseases. The healing power of Azurite is at its peak when it is called to treat diseases particular to the Libra Zodiac sign. 

Magical properties

Azurite is able to eliminate "negative" energy; it posess multiple healing powers and so is capable to exert positive influence on all levels of our life - from physical to the mental.


It is recommended to apply Azurite to stimulation of opening of “the third eye ". Chakra Five: Vissuddha and Chakra Six: Ajna

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