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Element Earth

Cacholong  is opaque to translucent mix of fine-grained ChalcedonyCacholong and opal, yellowish or white with a mother-of-pearl lustre. It is a feminine stone. In one of the old legends Cacholong  got its name after hardened clots of milk.

Talismans & amulets

Cacholong  is considered a talisman of love, attracting menís hearts to the woman wearing it. It also saves from flashes of dangerous anger and bouts of melancholy. This stone protects motherhood: it strengthens pregnant women and makes delivery easier. Indians believed that Cacholong  is the hardened milk of the sacred cow.
As a talisman, Cacholong is particularly recommended for lawyers, doctors, teachers, politicians. It helps to make the right decisions; as well, its owner will find himself welcome in any company.

Healing properties

Cacholong  increases menís potency. If placed at the headboard of the patient's bed, Cacholong  will promote his prompt recovery.

Magical properties

Cacholong  increases wealth. It is the best stone for harmonization and strengthening of the personal and the family life.


Chakra Seven: Sahasrara


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