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Element Air

CitrineCitrine  is a quartz variety of citreous, wine-yellow or golden color.

Talismans & amulets

Excessively sensitive and vulnerable people are advised to carry Citrine . Being a powerful conductor of positive solar energy, it promotes normalization of family, business and friendly relations. Citrine  has an ability to fill its owner with warmth and kindness.


Healing properties

Citrine  is a perfect stone for regulation of physical and mental conditions of wearer.

Magical properties

Citrine  is associated with gambling. It is a stone of adventurers and swindlers, but also of jewellers, illusionists and fortune-tellers. This stone strengthens ability to perorate and corrects defects of speech. For this purpose orators in Ancient Rome always carried Citrine . Citrine  is good for mental concentration, it makes the wearer more attentive. Citrine  is a symbol of light, pleasure and light mood. Its energy is similar to the solar one as it carries warmth and a life energy.


Chakra three: Manipura


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