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Element Fire

Garnet  is a symbol of glory, love, beauty and persistence. It Garnetintensifies life power, restrains anger, drives away gloomy thoughts, cheers spirit and grants friendship.
Garnet  can take almost any color except blue, and most varieties are named after their color. The form of crystals imitate pomegranate seeds (the name "Garnet " is derived from Latin word “granum” meaning “grains”).
Garnet  is a stone of Mars.

Talismans & amulets

Garnet  is a talisman for those engaging in high risk trades. It was worn as an amulet protecting from accidents during travel. In Ancient Rome Garnet  was a protector of pregnant women, in the Middle Ages it was a man's talisman grace to Garnet 's ability to save the wearer from wounds and to stop bleeding. Rings with Almandine (red-violet variety of Garnet ) were very popular among Crusaders. Amulet with lion engraved on Garnet  will heal any sickness.

Healing properties

In antiquity Garnet  was recommended as remedy against inflammations. it was used to heal wounds. It improves blood circulation and heart’s functioning, promotes regeneration of damaged organs and tissues, helps to fight fever and hepatitis. People having headaches and sore throat are recommended to wear Garnet  necklace. Garnet  is said to heals lungs diseases when mounted in gold, and fever and inflammation when mounted in silver.

Magical properties

Violet-red Garnet  is a stone of love and passion. Garnet  has an ability to purify the body. It contributes to family happiness, gives mutual love, fulfils cherished dreams, protects from accidents in a road. Red Garnet  protects its wearer from natural disasters, evil eye and sorcery, promotes happy family life.


Chakra One: Muladhara and other chakras depending on stone's color.

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