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Element Fire

Heliodor is a fiery stone, inside which aluminium is mixed with beHeliodorryllium and iron. A heavy presence of iron makes it unique. Its color may be golden and sometimes with a hue of pink. Ancient Greeks believed that Sun is a fiery chariot, harnessed by four fiery horses. The God Helios every day passes through the sky in that chariot. At night he returns home by the sea, in a gold bowl. In honour of Helios, in the beginning of XX a variety of golden Beryl was named Heliodor. In a literal translation Heliodor means “gift of the sun” (Greek “helios” means "sun").

Talismans & amulets

Heliodor is children’s protector stone. Get Heliodor if you want your children protected, and your family well guarded against every possible encroachment from the outside!

Healing properties

Heliodor stabilizes the heartbeat, helps in the treatment of stomach's and small intestines' disorders, heals liver, spleen and pancreas.

Magical properties

It is believed that the warm hues of Heliodor help to gain emotional balance and wisdom. This stone brings calm and pleasure to its wearer. Heliodor will help to create an atmosphere of relaxation and entertainment. According to some opinions, a woman wearing a piece of jewelry with Heliodor in it will increase greatly the number of her admirers.


Chakra Three: Manipura


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