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Element Water

Hematite is a mineral variety of iron oxide. Its color may vary froHematitem steel-grey to almost black, from brown to reddish-brown, or red. Hematite is opaque, with metallic shine. Its name is derived from the Greek word “haimatites“ meaning “blood”. Even water used during processing of hematite ore acquires a blood-red color.

Talismans & amulets

Our ancestors believed that hematite makes its wearer brave and strong-willed, promotes joyful, optimistic mood, emotional stability. Hematite can help you if you daydream too much and would like to take a more sober view of things. It is a stone that helps to withstand ordeals. Hematite serves as reliable protection against an evil eye. Hematite was also used as a protective amulet from wounds during fight. It grants to its wearer invulnerability, but also constrains bouts of anger.

Healing properties

The best known medical action of Hematite is normalization of blood pressure and body weight. It is also beneficial for spleen functioning, increases resistibility to stresses, boosts energy, optimistic mood, spiritual stability and will-power.

Magical properties

Hematite is a stone of magicians and exorcists. It enhances mental activity, balances YIN/YANG energies and emotions, dissolves negativity. The force and the power of Mars is concealed in this stone that allows the wearer to influence other people.


Chakra One: Muladhara

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