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Element Air

This is a pink manganese silicate with a glassy shine. Its colors vRhodoniteary from pink to red or orange and even black - with black pattern or spots. It name comes from the Greek word for rose, “rhodon”.

Talismans & amulets

As an amulet, Rhodonite strengthens immune system, acts as a stress remover. It helps with low potency and improves conception chances. According to ancient superstitions, Rhondonite eases suffering of woman during labor. It is also a children's amulet and talisman: putting a piece of Rhodonite in a cradle of the newborn will helps him to grow strong and healthy, courageous and sharp-sighted.

Healing properties

This mineral can be used to prevent and alleviate eye-related syndromes. For that purpose, before going to sleep, smooth Rhodonite gems are placed upon the eyes. It is also believed that Rhodonite can exert positive influence on the nervous system, chase away insomnia and nightmares, as well as improve the liver function.

Magical properties

Rhondonite can awaken the dreaming talents in its wearer. It is a stone of art, a stone of game, dexterity, tricks, a stone of magicians, fakirs and also charlatans. It develops quick thinking, talents in the arts of music, singing, painting; provides wearer with language abilities. However, it also may induce the wearer to commit eccentric and not well though-out acts.


Chakra Seven: Sahasrara, Chakra Three: Manipura

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