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Element Fire

Ruby is one of four most expensive jeweller stones. According toRuby Gemstone one legend, Ruby and Spinel stones are hardened blood drops of battle dragons. Those born in December are recommended to wear or carry a Ruby stone. Ruby symbolizes love and health, royalty and power, dignity and beauty. Owing to its hot, flaring color, Ruby was always considered a stone of recovery, which strengthens heart and expels melancholy. In the antiquity, red Ruby was a symbol of passion and its pink variety - a symbol of tender love. In the East it was believed that Ruby gives to its wearer "strength of lion, fearlessness of eagle and wisdom of snake".

Talismans & amulets

Ruby amulet is an effective protection against natural disasters and evil-wishers.

Healing properties

Ruby is recommended to fight paralysis, anaemia, inflammations, pains in the joints and bone tissues, asthma, heart ailments, inflammation of a middle ear, chronic depressions, insomnia, arthritis, chronic tonsil’s inflammation and rheumatism. Ruby reduces blood pressure and treats psoriasis. It helps during nervous breakdown and drives away night fears. Ruby renders the surrounding air microbe-free, thus helping to fight epidemics.

Magical properties

Ruby helps to overcome forces of darkness, to fight fear. It is a stone of authority, excellence, but also of vanity. It brings to its wearer happiness and love. Ruby warns of danger by changing its color. Ruby protects from malicious spirits and evil spell, strengthens heart, restores lost forces, drives away melancholy, awakens passion and sexual desires.


Chakra One: Muladhara

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