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Element Water

According to one legend Adam choked on the forbidden apple Serpentine Gemstonewhen he tasted it. When he spat it out, it turned into Serpentine . Serpentine  was used later to make vessels and cups for pharmaceutical use.

Talismans & amulets

Worn as pendant, Serpentine relieves the person from lethargy. It’s good to wear it when you wish to know intuitively about dangers lurking around that you wish to avoid. Serpentine is a very strong energy source that brings to the owner feelings of protection and emotional balance. It is used to make amulets that will guard from various dangers.

Healing properties

Serpentine was used as a treatment of both physical and mental diseases. This mineral helps at headaches, unstable blood pressure, colds, inflammatory processes in kidneys and digestive system; eliminates nervousness, smoothes emotional outbursts.

Magical properties

As Serpentine  is similar in color and appearance to snake's skin, it was believed that this stone is a reliable antidote to snake poison. Generally, Serpentine  is a defender stone. Placing Serpentine  in the corners of family house will restore piece and harmony. Serpentine  is also capable to eliminate negative energy. For this purpose the stone should be held in a place to be purged for about 5 minutes, and then submerged in running water for 2 hours.


Chakra Three: Manipura, Chakra Four: Anahata

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