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Element Earth

Zircon is known since ancient times. It received its name from Persian Zircon Gemstone“zargun” - meaning “gold stone”.

Talismans & amulets

Zircon possesses the ultimate magnetic force. It can rescues from malicious spirits helps to fight melancholy and hallucinations. Zircon will lose its shine before a thunder-storm, It is a talisman of travellers that will protect them from wild animals and snakes bite. When used as an amulet, Zircon will stop bleeding (if not caused by a stone or iron tool).

Healing properties

Zircon strengthens heart, also helps to pregnant women to give birth quickly and easily. It is also believed that Zircon improves appetite. Zircon was once used as treatment for lungs and liver related diseases.

Magical properties

Zircon is able to bring all energy resources into a sharp focus, giving to its wearer both strength and confidence. It also helps him to uncover lies and deception. In the East it was believed that Zircon improves mental faculties, cultivates aspiration for sciences and knowledge of truth, improves memory and intellectual abilities.


All chakras


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