Hello Marianna! I hope that you are well. I just recieved the talismans i had ordered. You have done a beautiful work and very much detailed. They are exactly how i had imagined them. Thank you so much for the express shipping.I had no idea I would have them so soon. Thank you again and congatulations on your work.
Warmest regards
Efthymia, Greece

Marianna, Just got the order in today's mail. I am glad to own a piece of your Beautiful Art. I will cherish wearing this pendant. I appreciate your Gift, your Energy, and your Blessing. You are Awesome! Thank you for your Excellent Quality and Excellent Customer Service. I will refer you to others!
Light & Love - Mary, NY

Moon talismanHi Marianna:
I received my talisman...I'm at a loss for words! It's absolutely beautiful!!! You definitely did an incredible job capturing what exactly it is, I was looking for! I can't thank you enough! Job well done :-D I cannot wait to magnetize it now and wear it forever. You are extremely gifted and talented. May god bless you now and forever...
Carol Pardi, Ontario, Canada

Just received the order!! I am super impressed!!! The seals look fantastic!! The quality is absolutely excellent. I will definitely order more.Thank you!
Ursula, RI

Thankyou very much Marianna for again achieving such masterfully well made peices of jewelry made to order with both Latin logos and Song of Solomon Verses! Each peice is exactly as I hoped it would be! The medallion with the Saturn Square and verse 7:13 " There the Mandrakes give forth their perfumes, the rarest fruits are at our doors both new and old, which I have laid up for my beloved" , which was cast Dec 19 2009 is stately and elegant, intended to represent the celestial conjunction of Saturn in Libra. The subsequent medals and ring, made this spring in March and April, mirror the Song of Solomon verses and sentiments of the first; expressing both planetary and celestial conditions while making a statement about the Bride's fidelity and beauty. In the medal which was made when Venus, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury were inAmulets Pisces on March 04 2010, this rare and providential celestial conjunction is expressed by the Song of Solomon verse 4:15 "You are a garden fountain, a well of living water, refresing as the streams from Lebanon's mountains" In the most recent creations made on April 24 2010, the Bride's beauty shines forth expressed in the very rare celestial event of Venus conjunct the constellation Pleaides in Taurus! The medallion of the Pleiades states the Song of Solomon verse 6:10 "Who is this, they ask, arising as the Dawn, fair as the Moon, pure as the Sun, so utterly captivating?" The ring makes a similar statement from verse 4:7 " You are so beautiful, my love, in every part of you" All of these peices together reflect a lovely private garden in which King Solomon may reflect upon the beauty of the stars and planets. Like him, I value and prize these rare fruit and I am grateful to you for bringing them into season for me at the exact day and hour of most ideal celestial harmony! It is my hope that they will embody the spirit of the music of the spheres as I wear them. Thankyou again for everything accomplished thus far in this last spring season and please accept my best wishes for the coming summer months! It is my hope that there may be other such peices ahead, as well.
~ sincerely yours, G Garnett, Raleigh NC 27606

Being something of a hobbiest in Astrology and the collection of special Amulets, I was especially satisfied by the 7 Seals of Saturn which I received from my order which was made specificially that they be cast on a certain Astrological Election date (Nov 28). It is unusual to find someone who will make Kabbalist seals so well and by hand, but to be able to request a certain day for casting according to the Astrological Election required is especially gratifying! The Seals of Saturn from the Key of Solomon are renown for being difficult to cast astrologically, since this is a planet of quite a fearsome reputation. Often people are reluctant to tangle with Saturn and with good reason! But in this case, it was an epic oppertunity to create those seals from the Greater Key at an ideal moment which doesnt often present itself. Fortunatly, Marianna was up to doing so and Im very pleased by the result. I'm profoundly grateful to Marianna for consenting to undertake this project, since the fruit of her labour are now some of my most prized of my Amulet collection, of great help in Prayer and for protection and angelic guidence.
Gigi G., NC

King Solomon Seals bracelet. This gorgeous bracelet was made by my dear customer Gigi using King Solomon Seals that she ordered from my site! Look how beautiful it is!!! Bravo, Gigi!
Marianna, Jewels-Empire

My necklace arrived and it is fabulously gorgeous and I am happier than a happy thing. Thank you so much!
Elizabeth, San Francisco, CA

I've been looking for a pendant with the 5th Pentacle of Mars, which has changed my overall level of energy. I no longer feel drained like before because of this item. I feel like I have more time and energy to do all the things I want to do with my life. Marianna inscribes the King Solomon symbols herself. So these pendants have a hand made feel to them. I want to thank Marianna for her responsiveness and excellent customer service. She is an excellent person that you can trust to have a positive business experience with. I've bought things online before. And other merchants sometimes have not even returned my emails, when I've asked about delivery time etc. With so many sketchy things going on these days, being unresponsive causes a lot of worry and concern for customers. Its not at all like that with Marianna. She is prompt and responsible with issuing a tracking number and basic standards for best practices.
Christine, LA

Thank you for the beautiful pendant! Arrived yesterday. My wife absolutely loved it!
Ben, Albany, NY

Dear Marianna, We received the pendant yesterday - very beautiful! Thank you for taking time to answer all our questions. Hope to find more on your site later. Best Regards,
Pat, San Diego, CA

Thank you so much for providing tons of information about gemstones! I choose the one for my pendant using your interactive numerology page. When I got my piece, I immediately felt it is "mine" indeed, the gemstone is so beautiful, alive and warm. I wear it all the time, it's such a joy to have it!
Anita, Miami, FL

After all my problems started in November, I got really depressed. That's when my best friend suggested I should wear a talisman. Thank you!!! - for helping me to choose an appropriate talisman from your King Solomon Seals collection. I never actually believed in mystics and such, but for whatever reason I feel relieved and relaxed when I wear this talisman! It is both healing and beautiful. My friends are impressed too - you may see them contacting you in near future. Thank you!!!!!!

Hi Marianna! Thank you very much for the beautiful earrings! Regards, King Solomon Ring. This too shall pass

Marianna, Since I heard the story about king Solomon's ring (with "This too shall pass" saying) for the first time, I was looking everywhere to buy such a piece for myself. Thank you for the ring and for all the background I actually thought this sentence is related only to the darker moments, but in fact our better times will also pass). We'd better enjoy them while they last!
Matthew, Hamilton, Ontario

Hi, I just got my brooch! Thanks so much - it is gorgeous! Sincerely,
Debbie, Springfield

Marianna, Thank you so much! I will certainly recommend your web site to all my friends! Sincerely,
Irene, Sarasota

Hi Marianna, Thanks for an amazing pendant and for the excellent service. I am so glad I found your site!
Ann, Boston

Dear Marianna, We received the necklace and we liked it very much. Thank you very much,

Thank you for accepting and improving my design, it was amazing to be able to create exactly what I had in mind! Thank you very much,

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A well laid-out site with fine jewelry offerings specializing in inspirational and fantasy jewelry, kabbalah, runic and zodiac talismen and much more. Some of the "more" consists of articles and info pages on birthstones--everything from blood type to element to planet, etc. Check out the myths and legends, healing gemstones, how to wear categories. There's much to discover on this easy-to-navigate site. Great photos and fast-loading pages make shopping and browsing a pleasure. A+++ site.

I love your site! You have found a market many that appeal to many folks. Good luck!!

Beautiful site...refreshingly different and exciting. Every facet of your site is eyecatching!! The reading is interesting and the jewelry is exquisite. You've done a wonderful job with your site. Marking as a favorite!! Best wishes.

Your jewelry collections very beautiful.

Excellent use of colors on this site which complements the products. Navigation was clear and concise. My favorite product were the gemstones, runes and zodiac pendants. Great jov!

I wish there was a rating of 11 or 12 because I would give it to you. This is such a smooth and imaginative venue. The way links and items open up, and so quickly, the creative jewelry and wonderful pictures and descriptions. I feel like I am in the middle of a fairy tale and I don't want to leave. Links are well labelled and I found all the info I wanted to, not to mention losing myself amongst the myriad of choices. Congratulations on a job well done!"

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