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fortune-telling using gemstones

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Fortune-telling using red and white beads

"Fulfilling a wish"

Colored beads will tell you if your wish will be fulfilled in the near future.

1. Take several red and white beads.
2. Focus your mind and think about your wish.
3. Place the beads inside a deep bowl; pour in semolina grains, so that the beads will be completely covered.
4. With your index finger draw triangle on the surface of semolina, then close your eyes and take out a bead.

If you picked up a red bead, your wish will be fulfilled in the nearest future; if you picked up a white one, the wish won’t be fulfilled, no matter how hard you try.

Fortune-telling using seven crystal beads

Crystal beadsPrepare seven Crystal beads. Six beads should be approximately of the same size, while the seventh bead is bigger than the others.
Put the beads in a small cup. Now hold the cup with one hand, while covering its top with the other hand. Empty the cup over a table covered by red fabric.
Now the position of small beads relative to the big one will determine the result of this fortune telling.

1. If all six beads are located close to the big one - you can expect inheritance or money gift. This result tells you your life will change for the best.
2. Five beads located near the big one is a sign of visitors’ arrival or a forthcoming pleasant trip.
3. Four beads located close to the big one mean that you are close to achieving your goal, but your opponents can still prevent you from reaching it. Be very careful, do not place your trust in anybody. Do your best and you will celebrate victory.
4. Three small beads near the big one mean disappointment in love.
5. Two beads mean you can loose something important in the nearest future. Watch your purse, as you can become a victim of thieves or loose inadvertently valuable belongings.
6. One bead means that only half of your wishes will be fulfilled and only if you will apply maximum efforts.
7. The beads arranged in a cross is not a good sign. Watch your health!
8. If the beads form a circle with a big bead in the center - you need to change your life habits, otherwise you would never get out of the vicious circle of your problems.

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