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gemstones and their magical properties

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The gemstone "breathes” lives its own internal life. Its external manifestation makes a set of qualities which name “magical”.

Magicians and sorcerers were the first to pay attention to the relationship between person and stone. The first thing people pay attention at, is a dependence of "magical" properties of a stone on its color and color’s intensity. Stones of red, violet, dark blue, green colors have the strongest influence on the person; yellow minerals and rocks influence to a lesser degree.
Diamond stands apart among colorless stones. Influence of Diamond is so substantial, that can change the fate not only of its owner, but also of his relatives.

Tiny additions of some metals, such as iron, copper, manganese, chrome, lithium can have a significant effect on the energy of a crystal.

Dr. Carl (Karl) Ludwig von Reichenbach was one of the first scientists who investigated unusual phenomena in crystals. He established that around the stones there is a certain force field, not visible and not felt by the majority of people. Any self-organizing system, whether it be a mineral or a person, acts as an oscillator with the certain frequency of fluctuations. When frequencies coincide, there is a resonance, i.e. an information and energy exchange between the stone and the person.

Be adjusted on your gemstone frequency, and you receive effect.
Some magical properties of minerals are connected with their natural weak radio-activity. It is typical for Carnelian and Amber. The ability of Carnelian to stir up, strengthen the body and to inflame passions is caused by a tiny amount of radium. That is why it is recommended to be worn not constantly, but periodically.

Every stone has its own magical power and its own philosophy. During the whole history of mankind people searched for a philosophical stone, not suspecting, that each person has his own one.
If you look closely at a stone, you'll see, that it lives its own full life. It is alive and can feel any shades of mood, accept them or not accept, it can serve you, protect you, and it can even manipulate you or guide you.

Brought into human society, a natural gemstone which once was a piece of mountain or simply an element of the earth became separate and individual formation, it was born anew.

But stone bears with itself spirit of that place, whence it has came, a smell of that sea, light of that sun, and also century wisdom of the earth, the sky and ocean. In each natural gemstone - and in each product from it the history of the earth and, certainly, the person is embodied.

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