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little treasure chest - fine art jewelry collections

My goal is to infuse emotion and meaning in each jewelry set. Some of them are naturally connected - I hope you will find your favourites in the zodiac talisman, runic talisman and kabbalah talisman collections, or in lucky symbols and inspirational jewelry collections or browse my biggest Fantasy collection.  

All my jewelry is made of fine silver(0.999 purity PMC), sometimes with addition of 24 karat electroplated gold coating, and a variety of gemstones. Everything you will see on my site is hand-crafted and belongs to either one-of-a-kind, or limited edition collections. 

These handcrafted jewelry collections offer a variety of designs, to satisfy different tastes and aspirations.

While quite affordable, they are elegant and unique.

Your ultimate silver jewelry set may live in your heart or in your sketchpad ... share with me your design - I may be able to bring it to life!

Inspirational jewelry Kabbalah jewelry Zodiac talisman jewelry King Solomon seals

Inspirational jewelry

Kabbalah Talismans

Zodiac Talismans

king solomon seals

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