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For those in love with gemstones and their beauty

We love gemstones.
Still, in most cases we are rather sceptical when we hear stories of their "magical" properties and we tend to dismiss the "tales" about how they can affect the fortunes of the owner. It is a hard fact though, that most minerals were formed as a result of multiple and complicated chemical processes, which occurred during formation of the earth crust.

We may well reject any magic or mystical properties of the stones. Why then, when we start looking for a jewellery item, we are well aware what our "zodiac" stone is, and touching the beautiful gem offered to us, we follow our inner senses, instead of simply matching the earrings or a ring to our wardrobe.

There is a multitude of web sites offering information about gems for all tastes, sometimes quite contradictory.
This site is neither a buyer's guide nor an encyclopaedia of gems. It is simply an attempt to understand - why gems are so bewitching? Is it because they are so beautiful? Or because they do possess magical properties? Or because you can contemplate them for hours?

It seems that the past centuries are dormant inside the tiny stones. Gems are created by the nature, and nature enclosed inside them the memory of ancient events, wisdom, curative force and magic energy...


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